Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery

What shipping carrier does AccessorySeek use?
Is shipping included in the prices?
Why tracking information may not be available?
Do you ship the item to my country?
If custom duties are incurred, who is responsible?
How do I change the shipping method?
Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?
What happens if the tracking number is invalid?
How can I tell if my items have been shipped or not?
Do You Ship To APO/FPO Military Addresses?
If a very large order is delivered from USA to my country, will customs seize my order?
How long does it take for you to deliver my back-ordered item?
Delivery confirmed my order was delivered but I did not receive it?

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Does AccessorySeek Accept Purchase Order?
Do you offer bulk discounts?
Can I Pay by PayPal E-check?
Why PayPal Is Only Payment Method Accessoryseek Use?
How do I place my order in my local currency?
Do you collect tax for items shipped to addresses in my state?

Guarantee & Warranty

Can I Trust
Do you have a guarantee or warranty for all products?
How long is product covered by AccessorySeek Store Limited Warranty?
Once my unit is replaced, does my warranty start all over?
How to understand a "Bulk Packaged" item?

Returns & Refunds

How do I contact the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Department?
Will I receive a full refund when I return the item that I ordered?
How can I get the item replaced if it is defective or damaged when I received it?
how long does it take to get my money back when you receive item I returned?
What if you send me a wrong item?
How to use the return label you sent me?